Echo the Now (2017)

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Country: Netherlands
Year: 2017
Genre: Drama / New Movie
Time: 1h 5min
Director: Anet van de Elzen
The rocking chair creaks, the mouth-organ breathes, the pen scratches, dishes fall apart. Sounds give rhythm to the images. Song is heard and grows in volume. The woman sings. Her face uncovered and clean. In a trance she moves to the sound, her voice finds a climax between despair and hope - and breaks. She opens her eyes. We are in the NOW. Echo the Now. Visual artist Anet van de Elzen portrays this through her performances. All lessons in life are ultimately about eliminating secondary matters. Echo the Now is a cinematic interpretation of the performances of Anet van de Elzen. Through powerful physical images she gives the audiences of her live events a concentrated, meditative experience of time. In Echo the Now she builds an associative story about beginning and end, continuity and break, youth and old age. The rich imagery is combined with a soundtrack that is led by her breath, voice and song
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