Jingle Hellz (2017)

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Country: UK
Year: 2017
Genre: Comedy / New Movie
Time: 1h 30min
Stars: Unknown stars
Over hyped, hugely humorous KHAN is a talented rapper originally from Brooklyn , New york with all the swag of a multi million dollar, trend setting superstar. Khan has been blessed with talent and heaps of confidence, as well as a love of women, which has resulted in him having fifteen children from eight different baby mothers. Well, fifteen children he knows of that is. His baby mother drama is no surprise then with leaps and bounds of pure anarchy as nothing can stop him and his destiny of becoming the biggest rapper on the planet. Never one to really realise his responsibilities, he enjoys a kids free life, macking out his days with friends and his "player player" antics while spending his nights at the studio, hosting wild parties and even more women. The swag never ends, as he needs to play up to both the women and his ego. 'Jingle Hellz' takes us down a road of pure humour and mayhem. Ever heard the story of 'a woman scorned'? Well this is the suped-up version of 'baby ..
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