37.5% Inhuman (2017)

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Country: China
Year: 2017
Genre: Crime / Drama / Sci-fi / New Movie / Action
Time: 1h 5min
Director: Chen Sha
Stars: Unknown stars
J has a secret identity, he consists of 37.5% artificial intelligence, every time when his "robotic" qualities take over his "human" nature, J erases his memory of being partly Android. J is also the leader of Team Chameleons - a group of four Grey Hat hackers: G is a gifted mechanical engineer, Q excels in people skills and F is a human calculator. Together, they are a group of geniuses with high IQ but low emotional intelligence. They connect to people by hacking them. In a mission related to the mysterious legend hacker K, the team traces a biologist and discovers a publicly-traded pharmaceutical company is researching and testing deadly viruses from Area 51. This opens the doors to all kinds of trouble - for the team, for the public and for other unseen hands..
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