Accidental Death (2017)

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Country: UK
Year: 2017
Genre: Comedy / Horror / New Movie / Action
Time: 1h 25min
Director: Richard Lees
Stars: Unknown stars
Loach has lost everything, his job, his dwelling and his girlfriend all in the space of a few hours, luckily his best friend Fetlock is on hand with his trusted remedy for depression and heartache...alcohol. While heading back from the local Inn they accidentally hit Death with their cart, Loach is told by a semi conscious Death that they must keep him safe from his enemies, who sense his weakness and will attempt to finish him off before he regains his strength, if this happens they will open the flood gates of hell and release unimaginable evil upon the earth, which didn't seem to surprise Loach considering the day he'd already had. The two strap Death to the cart and head on their way, but what lies ahead for the trio is much worse than they could ever imagine
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